Delta Microwave supplies filters, amplifiers, and IMS assemblies for aviation applications including: Navigation, Communication, ECM, and Radar Suites

Delta Microwave designs and manufactures Filters, Multiplexers, SSPA's, LNA's, Filter/Amplifiers, and Integrated Microwave Assembles. Our product line encompasses the entire spectrum,from S-level flight hardware to high volume production. Product frequencies range from 1 kHz to 50 GHz with RF power handling up to 25 kW.

Delta's computer aided electrical circuit designing and in-house NC machining provide the means to manufacture affordable custom components with a quick turnaround.Custom components with challenging mechanical,electrical, and environmental specifications have always been the comerstone of Delta Microwave's success. Our ability to manufacture exactly what a customer requires -on schedule- has earned Delta the respect of hundreds of satisfied customers.