Recent news and hapennings with programs that use Delta Microwave hardware

Juno just broke the record for the furthest object in our solar system powered by the sun. The mission will continue for several more years as the orbiter collects data on Jupiter dipping as close as 5000 km from the cloud tops. Mercury Systems (Oxnard, CA) qualified and delivered high power... read more
The Cygnus spacecraft successfully docked with and delivered much needed supplies to the International Space Station. Mercury Systems (Oxnard, CA) designed, qualified, and delivered hermetically sealed high power diplexers for the mission's Telemetry system.... read more
Space X successfully returned the first stage booster after delivering its cargo of 11 small satellites. Mercury Systems is proud to support Space X with the highest quality components including filters, amplifiers, and high power notch filters for the GPS and telemetry systems on board Falcon and... read more
The MMS Mission is now flying in formation collecting data on Earths Magnetosphere. The Mercury Systems (Oxnard, CA) team was proud to have provided the highest quality GPS filter/amplifiers for this mission allowing for pin point accuracy for this constellation of satellites. ... read more